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Courtney's Opera · Chicago Escort

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A traveler of the mind, a drawer of the spirit, a jester of the soul.

I feel it's best for you to know my companionship style before scheduling a date.

I am more interested in who we are than in what we are doing. You don't arrive to a routine physical horse and pony show. You arrive on a date with an attractive woman who has depth, empathy, and brains. Who is intentional and pursuant of you after you have done your part in pursuing her.

I am not the type who plays in to being snobby, stiff, or boring as we see high society in the movies. I'm a friend and a companion, I am fun, and I don't take myself too seriously. That being said, I do take my role very seriously, and carry a strong value in mutual respect between you and I, and also amongst those around us at all times.

My main focus is beyond the physical realm. The intellect, the mind, the humor, the things that happen which we cannot see. (Chemistry). The things that don't happen in a single moment, but throughout time - even while we are away. We are here to have fun, relax, and refresh. Those three things make the entire experience a great experience.

I am very rewarding of those who treat me with respect and care. Here, The morale is high, and the turnover is very low. People who damage the morale usually quit before they join. :)

Take a look at my website. You will see I am full of flavor.


Courtney "O"

Dating / hosting in the following areas:
West Suburbs, and downtown Chicago upon request. Please see website for more details

Please contact me via my web form on my website, under "Schedule a Date"

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