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Domme Jada · Chicago Escort

Updated: January 24, 2018

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As always, I believe in keeping my ads simple and to the point. I provide alternative *** FETISH AND BDSM*** as listed on my website.

Contact me when your TIRED of vanilla providers. Please refer to my links for a full list of services provided. You may find them very enticing ;)
I'm a naturally dominant woman, this is not pretend, I will respect you, only if you deserve it, and show me the same. You will be rewarded when you do as told ;)
I will train you to be a better man, this is what I do.
I look forward to tuning you up, and possible bending you over my table for an unforgettable session...??

Please let me know what interests you when responding ?
P.S. if you google my site you'll find more specific info too risqué to mention here ??

Email address: 

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