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Have me fly right into your arms for the most heavenly of times!

My Dear Friend,

I am Harpy, the master of all hedonistic arts, after eons of experimentation I have honed the craft of sharing pleasure with individuals who indulge in me.

Physically I am crowned with auburn red hair and I stand five foot, nine like an Amazonian Goddess sent down from the heavens.

I have deep blue eyes, great bone structure, but more importantly my bust is naturally huge and full. When you gaze at me you see a classical soft frame, that I am sure you will agree is perfectly proportioned akin to the lounging ladies in renaissance paintings.

My skin is luminous and smooth, touching me is as satisfying as walking bare foot in a clear mountain stream …. My embrace is like being wrapped in the softest freshly washed feather blanket.

Any freak can freak you and any seductress can seduce, but it takes a girl from a painting with a poem in her heart to provide you with the type of textural healing you seek.

Other Attributes:
Intellectual, Professional, Open-minded, Relaxed, Fun Loving, Comedic, Cosmic,Tender, Kind, Cool, Calming & Of Course Kink/Fetish Friendly.

So, Please take time out of your busy day and add pure poetry to your life by contacting this practically perfect hetaira!

Peace, Love and Balance,

Harpy Anna

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