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Jewel X · (872)808-5043 · Chicago Escort

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Wild, exotic, and playful. Unleash your wildest desires. Explore unexplored territory.

The Cheetah - with its toned, slender body - is well known for its agility, sleek movement, and stunning spotted coat. As a cheetah walks, it sashays into its space, bringing with it an air of power that attracts attention anywhere it goes. The cheetah prey is aware of the cheetah’s presence; and so is the cheetah’s potential mate. Wild cheetah kittens are playful, flexible, and exotic. They enjoy exploring and nipping at the necks of their play partners. Wild cheetah kittens may take the lead in their play, but often desire the thrill of being tamed by their play partners.

I’m Jewel X. A wild, exotic sexy kitten.

23 years young, I thoroughly enjoy the thrill of encountering new adventurers. Allow me tickle and tease with my tall, slender, golden brown body; one that was meant to explore and be explored. Let’s explore new lands together, shall we? I assure you I’m full of pleasant surprises and aim to create moments neither of us will ever forget. Join me on a safari for just the two of us, where we’ll get to unleash our pent up desires and wild urges in a safe, secret space. Here’s your chance to explore unexplored territory… let this be your time, darling. Your time is now.

Discretion is taken very seriously. Screening is required for all clients. If you are a newbie, that’s ok. I will try to work with you.

With me you will find warmth, closeness, intimacy, and a connection you won't find anywhere else.

To book, please send me an email.

Warm Hugs and Kisses,

Jewel X

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