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Josie Qu · Chicago Escort

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Ivory Tower Escapee, Lover of Mangoes, Wong Kar Wai Movies, and Amaretto Sours, and Your Ultimate Social and Dining Companion

Maybe you've caught a glimpse of me between the stacks of Myopic Books, or have seen me sketching at the Art Institute. You've always wanted to reach out to me, but I always seem to disappear as soon as you gather your courage. Well now you have your chance, my discerning friends.

A bicultural sweetheart from Hong Kong and the US, a master's student in art history at one of the most rigorous universities in the world, a lover of cinema, farmer's markets, and puns, and an empathetic friend. My curves are stuff of song and praise, and my passion for the erotic is unparalled. Now I am also a social and sensual companion for those seeking a journey of tenderness, ardor, and laughter.

I can't wait to hit the streets with you arm in arm, so check out my site and arrange a date to brighten these dull February days.

I can tell you're itching to learn more about this refined Asian American darling. So in the meantime, run, don't walk over to my twitter so you have something to feast your eyes, heart, and soul on while you send me some sweet words today.


Josie Qu

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