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Lauren Brooks · 414-522-1702 · Chicago Escort

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Hi you! I’m glad you’re here.

My chosen pseudonym for this realm of clandestine relationships is Lauren Brooks. And instead of feeding you a bunch of “BS smoke & mirrors” by telling you how I am the ultimate this and best that, I’d rather tell you who I REALLY am. I’m not perfect (and make no claim to be) but rather a candid, cheeky and nonchalant woman who doesn’t take myself too seriously. I’ve got a kick-ass sense of humor and a non-judgmental way of viewing life that most people find refreshing. I am an intelligent and mature “new millennium” kind of woman who CHOOSES this lifestyle as my contribution to manhood/masculinity worldwide. I’m here to add a spark. Why you may ask? Because I WANT to. Ha!

As a TRUE girlfriend, LOVER and NURTURER, I prefer only a few boyfriends with whom I vibe well, BUUUT I also make myself available to those who find themselves wanting to “test the waters”. And that’s cool too! But, I encourage you to take the time to get to know me. I’m a hoot! LOL!

Visually….well, I’m modest. Go ahead and take a peek at my pictures. Oh, wait! What you can’t see are my mischievous hazel eyes and contagious smile. Sorry about that, but I have a life outside of this hanky-panky stuff too ya know.

Location wise, I float between Wisconsin (Milwaukee & Madison) and Chicago. However, I'm always up for an adventure and can travel to you OR with you as your companion/"arm charm”/”eye candy" or whatever.

Now, get over here! Can’t wait to meet you.


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